Questions about Dash for University project

We are a group of students from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are currently following the course Digital Innovation and Virtual Organizing and we would like to broaden our knowledge on the topic of coordination and communication in virtual teams. The project Dash on GitHub caught our attention as we were looking for an app in the financial field. Therefore, we would like to ask you for a bit of your time. We have prepared six questions on the topic of coordination and communication in virtual teams and we would like to hear how these matters are managed within your team of contributors of the app. If you are willing to answer our questions, you can simply reply to this email and type out the answers (1. …) to the questions that are in the attached file.

We thank you in advance for your time and contribution!

Kind regards,

Lisa Breij, Mitchell Cubo, Floris de Hoogh, Pia Kramer & Sabine Overweg
Vrije Universiteit (VU), Amsterdam

  1. How is the team of contributors structured (with regards to the perception of power)?
  2. How often are you in contact with other contributors and how does this influence the process of the project?
  3. To what extent does a virtual team influence the way mistakes are addressed and feedback is given compared to a physical team?
  4. To what extent do differences in native language form a challenge when using only digital communication?
  5. How are mismatches of perceptions and conflicts handled in the virtual environment?
  6. To what extent does only communicating through digital ways influence the coordination within the team?