Python networkx, plotly. How to display Edges mouse-over text

I need to display text when mouse is over edges (similar to image). Maybe someone knows how to do it? I took the example from and trying to modify it. It fine works for Nodes, but I can not do it for Edges.

import networkx
import plotly.graph_objects as go

G = networkx.random_geometric_graph(n=3, radius=1)

# Create Edges
edge_x, edge_y = [], []
for idx0, idx1 in G.edges():
    x0, y0 = G.nodes[idx0]["pos"]
    x1, y1 = G.nodes[idx1]["pos"]
    edge_x.extend([x0, x1, None])
    edge_y.extend([y0, y1, None])

edge_trace = go.Scatter(
    x=edge_x, y=edge_y, line=dict(width=10, color='#888'), mode='lines',
    hoverinfo='text',  # TODO, NOT WORKING
edge_trace.text = [f"# {s}" for s in edge_x]

# Create Nodes with TEXT
node_x = []
node_y = []
nodes_o = G.nodes
nodes_ids = list(nodes_o)
for node in nodes_ids:
    x, y = G.nodes[node]["pos"]

node_trace = go.Scatter(x=node_x, y=node_y, mode="markers", hoverinfo="text",
                        marker=dict(color=[], size=50, line_width=10))
node_trace.text = [f"TEXT{idx}" for idx, _ in G.adjacency()]

# Create Network Graph
fig = go.Figure(
    data=[edge_trace, node_trace],

I explained in this thread how to display some information associated to edges.

Many thanks for your answer!
The solution to the same question can be found in stackoverflow