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Pylint Module 'dash_html_components' has no 'Div' member (no-member)

When I run pylint, I get

Module 'dash_html_components' has no 'Div' member (no-member)

How do I resolve messages like this?

This might be because Dash’s components are generated dynamically. For now, you will probably have to just disable that warning.

Ultimately, the solution is to pre-generate the code instead of dynamically generate the code. I’ve outlined this solution here: and it would be great if a community member would like to take this on. Otherwise, we can prioritize this if a company or organization is able to sponsor this work (See “Custom feature development” in here

I’m using VS code. To simply turn off the messages, go to settings and find this “python.linting.enabled”. And then turn it off.

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In VS Code Settings Add:

"python.linting.pylintArgs": [

This solves the error