Proxy/routing problems Dash1.4 and Apache2

Hello every one !
Trying to push this following Dash app on the french dbpedia chapter : GitHub - dbpedia/gsoc-2020-dashboard, but I am encountering some difficulties…

With the default configuration everything is ok on localhost:9000

but when i try to access it from the Apache proxy url described here :
ProxyPass /dashboard/ localhost:9000/
ProxyPassReverse /dashboard/ localhost:9000/

Let’s say that my domain is,
so on I just get a “Loading” Message as you could see here :

For solving it i tried the following config proposed here

Deploy Dash on apache server [solved!] :

'requests_pathname_prefix': '/my-app/',
 'routes_pathname_prefix': '/'

So after it i got the “Loading page” problem also on localhost:9000/ and
But when i just add the ‘requests_pathname_prefix’: ‘/my-app/’ (and not the routes_pathname_prefix var), that seem’s better because i got the header of the app but it missing all the dash app components …

I thing that problem is linked to the Dash 1.4 and Apache2 because all the advises proposed in the last threads having the same problems but not same versions didn’t work for me

Do you have any solution for me ?
Thank you by advance :slight_smile: