Problem with Choropleth sizing in html.Div

ff.create_choropleth figure is not responding properly to styling set for .Div … :frowning_face:

In order for my choropleth plot to fit div I have to manually set height,width as layout arguments for figure:
If I do not have them (like for my other plots, which causes no issue), this plot completely ignores my div style setting and does not auto-fit as it should, which results in this plot poping way of my div cell - anyone can tell me why?

Here is my simple styling snipped that works for every other plot (like plots inside divs you can see on the right,left and above in that screenshot):

        }, figure=fig_pie)
        'background-color':'rgb(0, 17, 26)',

@Emmanuelle after running my code a couple more times - I believe this is a bug?