Problem exporting data from Chart Studio

Hi there,

I’m trying to find out how to use all the available props for Plotly.js-react for contour plots (I will probably post a new question on that) by using the chart-studio, changing some parameters, and then checking out the .js files that can be exported, but I’m unable to get the right data in those javascript files.

This is the data I’m trying to export (basically, the contour map from the example, but with color scale changed, as well as the number of ticks in the colorbar): mountain height plot
It can be seen that the colormap is using the inferno style, and with several ticks. However, when I export this data (.zip format) and open the provided index.html, all I can see is the original contour map (default one, with no changes)

I believe anyone can access the previous link I gave in case you want to check out this issue.

Thanks a lot for whoever can provide some guidance!