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Possible to use Chart Studio offline? Ability to modify graphs?

Hello, new to this forum so hopefully this post is in the right place.

I’ve been trying to contact plotly sellers over the past three weeks but have not heard from them so I’m asking my questions here instead. I’ve also tried to google my questions but with no result. If someone here could guide me in where I can find answers or even have answers it would be great.

The first thing that I wonder if you can use Chart Studio, Dashboards and Slide decks offline, more precise like a desktop version? The reason I ask is because our office is in a local network only (no internet)

My second question is how well are you able do modify graphs, lets say i have a Gannt scheme and I want to add events in this scheme that includes a time on or a tag of some other kind. I.e can you construct/modify existing graphs and use them in your Dashboard or slide deck. (With modify i mean you have a base and for example in python you add/remove and them upload a “new” base that you can use insead)