Plotly trace not showing up on shiny dashboard graph


I have made a great app using Shiny Dashboard, showing plotly graphs.
However, for one of the graphs, I have a trace line on the graph showing the “3 month rolling average”. However, when i run my “app”, everything runs with no errors, but the trace line is not visibile.

My code for the trace is shown below:

CPR.byDate.Graph <- plot_ly(PrepaidCurve.byDate, x=Month, y=CPR, showlegend = F)
w <- list(
title = “Month”
z <- list(
title = “CPR %”
CPR.byDate.Graph %>% layout(xaxis = w, yaxis = z) %>% add_trace(x = PrepaidCurve.byDate$Month, y = PrepaidCurve.byDate$12 Month Rolling Average CPR, mode = “line”,
name = “3 Month Rolling Average”, showlegend = T)