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Plotly.toImage xml5607 error in IE11

Executing Plotly.toImage(), alll graph type except scattergl have xml 5607 error in IE 11.
This is parsing Error. at clip-path="url(“legend32fb78”)“
there are parsing “url(“legend32fb78”)” -> 'url(**”**legend32fb78’)’

so we need to add few line for correct paring in plotly.js

at function svgToImg at Plotly.js ( not min.js)

if(Lib.isIE()) {

        svg = svg.replace(/\("/gi,'\(');
    	svg = svg.replace(/"\)/gi,'\)');
that code means

"(    ->  (
   )"   -> (

url("legend32fb78")"  -> 'url(legend32fb78)'

Can you share a reproducible example?