Plotly syntax tutorial


I’m new to Plotly with python. Plotly has lots of examples for most things you would want to do. So whenever I wish to create a plotly graph I blindly copy and paste the code for whichever plotly example is relevant. However, I do not actually understand the logic of plotly syntax. So I am unable to ever make anything of my own from scratch or to amend one of plotly’s examples. Moreover, I sometimes think various plotly graph examples use different syntax logic in their code. I have tried to use plotly express, but it is missing many features in seaborn. I assume plotly express will be expanded with the years, but for now I need to learn the plotly syntax. Is there a tutorial or guide to plotly syntax, irrespective of any particular graph I might wish to create. Thank you.

Hi @joemac1985 welcome to the forum! Have you tried reading the tutorials listed in the getting started documentation?

For a complete overview of all of the ways that figures can be created and updated, see the Plotly User Guide for Python . It explains the structure of a plotly figure, with its data and its layout parts, and how to create and modify figures.

For information on configuring figure layout options (e.g. axes, titles, legends, etc) and styling figures (e.g. colors, fonts, annotations, images, shapes, etc.), see Plotly Fundamentals .

For a deeper understanding of plotly express, see the introduction to plotly express and how to style plotly express figures


Thank you ! These are fantastic resources.