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plotly_POST and unique folder/plot identifier number

My apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but I was not able to find a solution.

I am saving my R scripted plots to my public plotly account (plotly_POST(p, filename = “plot_name”, fileopt = “overwrite”). The plot is uploaded to my account, with a URL of “”. However, each time I upload a new plot with this same name, the sub-directory (a sequentially higher number) is updated. Is there any way to upload the plot to the same folder/directory (79) or to prevent the creation of that unique sub-folder in the URL? For example, so the plot URL is only “”?

Thank you, in advance.

Hey, so you’d just have to do what you’re currently doing, and set fileopt="overwrite" to avoid the problem of sequentially increasing plot id’s in your url.