Plotly offline: custom legend for subplots, boxplot sorting, full page scaling

My problem structure:
For a given order there are item/s which each have a corresponding cost and yield probability. Iā€™m given a set number of tries (launches) to get all of the items and complete the order while trying to minimize extra good product (overrun) by its cost. Iā€™m running monte carlo simulations for various launching strategies to see what results they get.

What Iā€™m trying to represent:
The differences in completion and overrun for various launching strategies for a fixed number of launches and a minimum completion %.

What Iā€™m currently doing:
I have 4 vertical subplots which each have a fixed number of launches (2 to 5 launches) and 5 boxplots which each correspond to a launching strategy. The boxplot has a collection of overrun % and a single average completion %. The x-axis corresponds to overrun % and the y-axis has the corresponding completion %. Each launch strategy is color coded.

My plotly questions:

  • How do I make a legend that corresponds a color to the launching strategy without having it repeat or make me label the y-axis by the launching strategy?
  • How do I make the y-axis to not sort or autoscale based on the completion %?
  • How do I make the overall plot to scale to the entire page (horizontal and vertical or by aspect ratio) so that the boxplots are easier to read, regardless of resolution?