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Plotly is unable to color a basic pie chart?

I have yet to find a pie chart that has been made with Plotly that does what I want. Basically I have a pie with 8 categories, and I want to color 3 of them blue, and the rest orange, while keeping the slices separate.

This is easy to do in Google Sheets etc., and in Plotly with regular bars, but not the pie chart. As far as I know. I appreciate all the bells and whistles, but this is a basic issue that you should have fixed, especially considering that I asked about this several weeks ago.

I am a paying customer.

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I must be missing something in the question, is the marker color feature not working for you? See my example below:

Hi tfg250, this was indeed tricky for me, and someone else herge confirmed that this is a bug. Your solution does work, however, so thanks!

The issue you were experiencing with pie chart colors is now resolved. Thanks again for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience.