Plotly graph not playing after integrating into a Hugo website

Since my original topic was not editable (would be great for any mod to delete the original, can’t seem to find a way message any), I wanted to include the simplified question with added info here. I embedded a interactive plotly graph into a Hugo webpage which was done correctly.

After finishing all these steps, I was able to see the graph on the rendering of my webpage, but unfortunately the graph isn’t ‘playable’. It just appears, and I can zoom in and out so it’s ‘interactive’, but the play button doesn’t result in timelapse of the data. After days of searching and posting for help, I can’t figure out what the problem is.

Here’s the repo for the example site if needed (git clone, download hugo, and use hugo server in dir to render page): GitHub - kc-tal/hugo-plotly-example

A single page rendering of the plotly graph can be found here with instructions for rendering in the README :GitHub - jmooring/hugo-testing at hugo-forum-topic-32481

The JSON of the data can be found in both repos. Would love any help.