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Plotly from Pandas.plot

Following plot.ly/python/matplotlib-to-plotly-tutorial/, which is on converting Matplotlib plots to Plotly.

Since Pandas plot with Matplotlib as well, can we add an example converting Pandas plots to Plotly as well please?

I’ve been trying to read pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/stable/generated/pandas.DataFrame.plot.html, and trying with various ways, but can’t figure it out myself. My latest attempt is at gist.github.com/suntong/d4fb08242ab0247b5692


I figured it out myself from other example. The gist at
https:// gist.github.com/suntong/d4fb08242ab0247b5692
is now updated showing how to convert Pandas plots to Plotly. However, the converted error bar is wrong.

Can someone take a look please.