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I’m am looking for a similar front-end environment as workspace for use within an app, but with different features.

Is your front-end open source, or is there any way I could render the grid and the menu features using the API.


Hey there,
Though our javascript library and APIs are open source, our online workspace (front-end) is not.

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for your reply.

So if I wanted to have a similar platform for an app, I could rebuild it - ok but not ideal.

Would Plotly be interested in licensing their workspace side of things for an app?

Is there someone at Plotly I can explore this with and run this idea by in a private forum?


As far as I know it may be unlikely, though you can send an inquiry to and I can have someone from our salesteam get back to you.

Ok I’ll do that and will mention we spoke - thanks.

Hi Chelsea - in fact sent an email earlier to Adam. Now waiting to hear back.

Would appreciate it if you could pass on my interest too.