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Pie charts in Elementor display two random vertical lines in the middle of the screen

Hi there, I’m new to plotly, I have a Wordpress hosted website that uses the Elementor page builder, Elementor lets you add HTML code to pages, I created one of the example Pie Charts available but when I try to embed the HTML code that plotly generates the Pie Chart displays two random lines in the middle of the screen like this:

I tried to embed the pie chart using the iframe code in a short code instead and the chart is displayed correctly (without the two random lines) on a computer but it’s not responsive on mobile, I’m stuck here: the HTML embed code is responsive on mobile but dispays the two random lines and the iframe method displays the pie chart correctly on a computer but is not responsive on mobile.

BTW this happens every time I try to make a pie chart, I created more pie charts and they all display the two random lines, I tried with a different type of chart and it works fine.

Anyone know what’s happening?