Passing parameters from the browser to the backend


I’m using Dash to render HTML tables which have a click event associated with them. When clicked, Dash correctly executes a callback function. However, that function can only pass user data from the component State. Is there a way to pass other information from the front end to a callback function? In my specific case I’d like to pass the location of the html.Td() cell I’m clicking on, so that my callback can be specific to the value in that cell, and not the entire html.Div(). I’ll be using the location (row and column) to mask the pandas dataframe in the backend.

Many thanks

This isn’t possible right now. To solve this particular use case with editable Tables, I’ve started prototyping an official Dash Table component. You can see some early prototypes here:

Thanks for the speedy reply, awesome service! I have another question, but will ask in separate topic. Thanks again!