Parcat: how to apply a white background to a ticklabel?

Hi there,
I’ld like to target the background of the label shown on a parcat diagram.
Via the

update_trace(labelfont=dict(size=10), tickfont=dict(size=10, color="orange")

I can set the font color, but not the background color.
The issue is that in my reporting, fonts are either white or black, but it does not make everything very readable.
To fix that, I’ld like to have a white background, so that a label in black will always be readable.
I tried to apply some CSS rules, but I can’t achieve the expected result.

For instance:

#pfbrkdwn div svg .dimension text.catlabel {
  background-color: white;

Does not work. Any clue on how to target these labels ?

Seems to be pure text svg, so, it looks like the only way to get a background color would consist in adding a rectangle around