Page blinks when adding dash_table active_cell callback


When I made the components generated dynamically the page was blinking only once. Now that I added a callback it blinks more times, but I can’t find a way to fix it. Can someone help?

I have the PreventUpdate and app.config[‘suppress_callback_exceptions’] = True and I still see it blinking.

Here is my callback:

        [Output({'type': 'input-src','index': MATCH}, 'value'),
         Output({'type': 'input-dest','index': MATCH}, 'value'),
         Output({'type': 'memory-output','index': MATCH}, 'value'),],
        [Input({'type': 'problem-table','index': MATCH}, 'active_cell'),
         Input({'type': 'problem-table','index': MATCH}, 'data')])
def fillInput(active_cell, data):
#     print('-----------fillInput')
    if active_cell is None:
        raise PreventUpdate
        df = pd.DataFrame(data)
        active_row_id = df.loc[active_cell['row']][['host_src', 'host_dest']].to_list() if active_cell else None
        store = df.loc[active_cell['row']].to_list() if active_cell else None
        return [active_row_id[0], active_row_id[1], store]

Edit: I tried a few things and the problem seems to come from the active_cell callback. If I remove that part, the reloading/blinks disappear.

Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks