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Overwrite Live Grid connected to Charts -

Hey guys,

I had to migrate the SQL db I was running Falcon queries on which were subsequently fed into live charts. Is there anyway I can overwrite the old live grid with my new connection in order to preserve the link between the charts & the grid ? Meaning, feed the queries from the newly connected db to the same old grid address, e.g.

Charts can be overwritten, but does the same thing work for (live) grids?

Thank you


Unfortunately we don’t have a feature in Falcon to say “run this query against this pre-existing grid” within the UI… That said, Falcon holds its configuration in a YAML file on disk in ~/.plotly/connector/queries.yaml which is where those grid IDs are held, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can (after backing it up!) try quitting Falcon, editing this file, and then restarting Falcon. The key to modify is called fid.


Thanks Nicolas, I see.
Before I go down that rabbit hole, is there a way to change the source of existing live charts? That is linking my existing charts to another grid?

Thank you