Orca failing in cron run

I have a jupyer notebook that I am trying to run from cron. The notebook will generate some graphs and send them out via email.
So, to use plotly graphs, I installed Orca.

The cron is running a bash script that would activate the environments and run the notebook via papermill.



cd “$(dirname “$0”)”

source env_run/bin/activate
source env_njs/bin/activate

papermill report.ipynb -p param $1


env_run is just a python env and env_njs is the node js env that includes Orca.
When I execute run.sh from the command line, everything is fine, but when I try to execute it via cron, it fails to find the Orca executable


The orca executable is required in order to export figures as static images, but the executable that was found at ‘/apps/user/report/env_njs//lib/node_modules/orca/bin/orca.js’

does not seem to be a valid plotly orca executable. Please refer to the end of this message for details on what went wrong.

Any idea why that is?
When I run from command line, there is no other environment activated and when I comment the line in run.sh where I activate ths jsn environment, it fails from the command line, too, so the env seems to be fine.