Okta Security in Dash App


My organization utilizes Okta for internal system security. I’ve recently developed a simple-ish Dash webapp for internal use by specific staff members. As of now, anybody with the URL to the internal server I’m hosting could get to my webapp.

To rectify this, the plan is to utilize Okta logins and credentials, and have an Okta Group that would allow/deny access accordingly. The problem, then, is that I have no idea where to start and no amount of google searching has yielded anything close to an answer I can run with. I’ve seen a great deal about integrating Dash into a Flask App, which I am similarly completely unfamiliar with.

If anyone can just point me in the right direction, I’d be beyond grateful.

One approach would be to put your apps behind a reverse proxy like nginx, and then have that deal with authorisation and Okta. As well as being a well-established pattern for access control you also get all the other benefits of having a proxy between your server(s) and the users; depending on your use case this could be anything between ‘meh’ and quite a big plus.