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Obtaining link for one 3D ScatterPlot for Free

Is it possible to obtain a link to one generated 3D scatter plot without upgrading subscription? I would like to email an example to my boss before decisions on purchasing are made.

I generated the plot in R and when I run the code

chart_link = api_create(p, filename=“r-docs/metabolites”)

I get error message: Client error: (402) Payment Required
To create folders, you need to upgrade your subscription. Upgrade your account to save folders, private files, and more:

I preciously ran the code

after creating my online profile and getting my api_key.

Yes, you can. Just remove the folder from filename:

chart_link = api_create(p, filename=“metabolites”)

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Thanks I actually figured that out, and it was exactly as you said. Was using a template name from online that was supposed to save for free, so I never thought that “/” initiated a new folder. You’re amazing!