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New tab keeps popping up for new graphs when clicking on the drop-down menu

Hi there, I am new with Dash. So I’ve built a simple bar chart and a drop-down menu in my dash. The bar chart will change based on the selected item in drop down, which means when I choose a different item in drop down, the bar chart will change to a different bar chart. And I always open my dash on google chrome.

My problem is there’s always a new tab pops up in my Internet Explorer(not even google chrome) to show the bar chart only when I choose a different item using the drop-down menu. Therefore, when I change three times in my drop-down menu, there’s 3 tabs pop up in my Internet Explorer. How could I disable pop up? I’ve tried to set the pop-up blocker to the highest level in my explorer, but didn’t seem to help.

Appreciate all your help!! This is driving me crazy…