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MySQL connection schema list Error {"Status":500}

In Falcon SQL, I was trying to leave the Database field blank so I can access all databases on a specific server. I save the credentials and it claims “CONNECTED”, yet under the Query tab, the left hand panel shows {"Status":500}. And the Run button is stuck on Loading.... I can’t do anything. Even if i close the connection tab and open a new one with the same credentials, I have the same issue!

It seems that leaving the Database field blank causes the issue but it doesn’t invalidate it and you can still connect. But how do you access multiple schemas?

Most connectors require database to be set.

Judging by the error you get, I guess you’re using the connector for MariaDB.

Currently, Falcon can’t handle connections to MariaDB without a selected database.

I’ve opened a feature request for this on github. See

No this is a MySQL connection. Sorry, I’ll update the OP to reflect that.

Oh, yes. MySQL and MariaDB behave the same.
I’ve also updated the title in the github request, so tht we update both connectors.