Multiple relayout for same page different plots is not working

There are multiple plots by id: Firmware RXHistogram-chart1,2,3,4,5,6
var widthValue = document.getElementById(‘widthValue’).value;
var update = { width : widthValue * 96 };
Plotly.relayout(‘Firmware RXHistogram-chart1’,update);
Plotly.relayout(‘Firmware RXHistogram-chart2’,update);
Plotly.relayout(‘Firmware RXHistogram-chart3’,update);
Plotly.relayout(‘Firmware RXHistogram-chart4’,update);
Plotly.relayout(‘Firmware RXHistogram-chart5’,update);
Plotly.relayout(‘Firmware RXHistogram-chart6’,update);

It only applied to first chart Firmware RXHistogram-chart1 and not others.

Can you a little bit more of your code to help us debug? Thank you!

Thank you for the reply.
Please finf the code:

What are the update objects you’re passing to relayout? I can’t seem to find them in your codepen?

Please find the complete code.

Hmm. Your “Set width” button seems to work ok in that codepen.

Interesting, yeah its working in codepen, but it is not working in web page :frowning:

set width works only in first chart and not in others