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Multiple charts from same dataset

I am stuck on something that should be so simple. I have registered for Plotly Chart Studio (May 2020), and am attempting to work through some tutorials to learn Plotly for a school assignment. I am able to create the first scatter chart. But then I cannot find a way to plot a second chart, while still keeping the first one. The second chart data is included with the first one, or I am forced to remove the settings for the first one and replace the x and y with the data required for chart 2.

Is there any way (there must be) for plotting multiple charts, based on the same dataset, using Plotly Chart Studio? By the way - the help topics ( from this model no longer align with the current version of Plotly, so they are not helping me. It seems so simple according to the tutorial, but I cannot replicate this in the current version. I am new to Plotly, but it appears that there has been a major update in spring 2020. I cannot find any help topics for the ‘new’ version.