Multiple box plots in single webpage with correct hoverinfo in python

hello experts,

I am a novice here and am only getting used to producing basic plots in python using plotly. What I am trying to do: Here is my dataframe:

Lot7 number test_1 test_2 event category
0 ABCD 1 2.3 10.0 ABC DRB
1 ABCD 2 4.0 11.0 DEF DRB
2 XMEN 3 NaN 11.4 HOT DRB
3 XWOM 4 1.7 10.5 COLD DRB
4 NOTHERE 1 2.1 NaN nan BSL
5 NOTHERE 11 3.0 5.0 nan BSL

  1. make 2 separate box plots for test_1 and test_2 values with category column to be used as grouping column.
  2. when I hover over each individual point, I need to see the corresponding Lot 7 value along with the value of test_1 column for test_1 plot. and similar hoverinfo for second box plot(test_2 value,Lot7)
  3. Once all the plots are made, how to get them in a single webpage.
  4. how to export that webpage plots as image if needed.
  5. guidance on, if instead of 2 columns being plotted, there were 20 of them, what will be the best way to render these 20 boxplots in a single webpage, with the hoverinfo I need.

I understand if these questions have been tackled in some form of the other so if I could get pointed in the right direction for each of the above items, it will be super helpful. Or if there is a condensed and cleaner way to code this that will be very very appreciated.