Moved dash to linux server and some initial callbacks toped working


I moved dash to linux server and some initial callbacks toped working. The libs are the same version, py files too.

When the dash loads, some initial callbacks doesn’t work (like the one that tell which tab is selected to show the default chart).

Any ideas about windows x linux environment? How could I figure it out?

Yikes, that’s strange. Other callbacks still work, just not the initial callbacks?

The only thing I can think of is if there’s an error that didn’t occur locally, due to different package versions, or blocked network requests or something. If that’s it you should be able to see the error by deploying with debug=True or by running the app inside an ssh shell on the server and watching the console as you load the page.


Some other things you have to watch out for are things like extra libraries or dependencies that Linux will need that Windows doesnt.


I use “isin” to filter a dataframe, but sometimes the variable has only one value, not a list. In the previous environment it worked fine. I requested the same versions of python, dash and pandas, but maybe a newer version was installed.

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