Mixing Scattermapbox and Scatter graphs in a subplot


I have a figure with subplots, one is a Scattermapbox and the other is a Scatter. The Scatter also has a secondary axis. They show correctly, but the combination of the two makes that the hovering, panning etc, in the Scatter no longer works, but it does work in the Scattermapbox.

After research, it was mentioned that the these combo’s do not work well with make_subplots, so I tried to do all the work that make_subplots does for you and create the layout spec myself. But no improvement, the Scatter continues completely inactive, the Scattermapbox is alive.

All the scatter lines are shown when yaxix2.overlaying=‘y’. Leaving this setting out of the Layout will:

  • prevent all the traces on yaxis1 to be shown
  • but makes the scatter subplot alive (with the yaxis2 traces shown only), so hovering works, etc, etc.!

I could not find a combination of overlaying, anchor, … that would make everything work:

  • all the traces on both yaxis to be shown
  • hovering, zooming, panning, etc also to work

I hope somebody has experience with this.