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Mirroring Axis Data

Hi, I am a Plotly newbie, and I am using the web-based version to explore Plotly.
I have run into what would seem to be a glitch…
When beginning a new 3D line plot or 3D mesh / surface, I notice that I am sometimes allowed the option of mirroring the data. That having been said, I noticed what seems to be two inconsistencies or glitches:

  1. If I try to recreate the graph using the same data, it seems that sometimes I don’t get the Mirror option…and,
  2. If I try to EDIT an existing graph (chart) from my collection, then I have never seen the option to mirror the data.

Any comments?

Sounds like Chart Studio may be incorrectly applying the JSON key for mirroring axes in 3d plots when the chart loads. 3d plots can mirror axes like 2d plots, but it sounds like something is amiss. Can you please share screenshot(s) and/or a chart link? Not sure if mirroring axes is what you mean by mirroring the data - here is the description of this attribute:

Thanks for the quick reply.
Here is one example,…