Minimum Bubble/Marker Size For px.Scatter() Animation?

I am making an animated scatter plot with px.scatter as according to this page Things are going well, but I have run into a problem with the bubble size. There is a setting “max_size” but no minimum for the marker/bubble size in proportion to another variable. It would make a lot of sense for me to incorporate “cases” into the bubble size, but the entire group starts off with 0 “cases.” Thus, for the first part of the animation, I cannot see the colors relating to my color-bar legend since the markers are too small. This compromises a good deal of the information illustrated by the animation.

I would like to have a minimum bubble size for 0 “cases” with an increase in size proportional to the increase in “cases.” Is this possible? I see something along these lines with go.figure(data=[go.scatter(… … but I am not sure and I would rather stick with px.scatter() due to the “animation_group” option.