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Math Illustration Workflow


First post here.

We are creating an LMS and our first course we’re building is an Algebra course (online).

One thing we’re finding is we want better Math illustrations. For example plotting some cubic function and illustrating that we are looking for the roots of that polynomial.

At first glance it seems the workflow would be to either use Excel or Python to create the X, Y points, and import them into the unnamed grid?

I’ve tried just about everything I can think of as far as filling the A column with 1, 2, 3…n, then in the B column doing things like =A1^2 etc.

We’re going to be making a ton of Math illustrations and hopefully there is a quicker workflow.

Also we will eventually have many teachers and it would be awesome if they don’t all have to learn Python or JS to create illustrations. We currently have a basic inline parser to make [chartjs blah-blah-data-etc] but it doesn’t seem intuitive for Math teachers coming in.

Still looking at the whole Plotly vs ChartJS question.

Thanks for any help!


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Math Illustration is created by Python or JS ?
oh , my god. I am a graphic Illustrator , I always painting in art softwares such as photoshop , Krita , Clip studio Paint .

This is a little fun and quick piece that I did a few months ago… Done in Photoshop CC with XP-Pen Star 06 painting tablet like usually.