Map plot in Plotly

Suppose i have the following dataframe in python :

Country Value
Arizona 10
Los Angeles 20
Alaska 6
Huawai NA

First i want to bucket the values based on a range for example every 5, 0-5,5-10…

I want to make a map plot with plotly that has a discerte legend (the Bucket) and the color to be as the Value. Moreover in case the value is na i want to be plotted but with a different color, lets say black.

I’ve managed to make the plot but without the above constrains. Finally i want your opinion regarding the Bucket column. Below is the code that i wrote, is there any better way to write it?

def Bucket(row):
if row[‘GDP’] >10:
return ‘>10’
if row[‘GDP’] >20 and row[‘GDP’] < 10:
return ‘10-20’
if row[‘GDP’] > 20 and row[‘GDP’] < 30:
return ‘20-30’
if row[‘GDP’]==“NA”:
return “NA”

Thank you!

Currently my code for the plot is:

fig = px.choropleth(df, geojson=counties, locations=‘county’,
color_discrete_map =[[0, ‘rgb(240,240,240)’],
[10, ‘rgb(13,136,198)’],
[20, ‘rgb(191,247,202)’],
[30, ‘rgb(4,145,32)’],],
‘category’ : [
hover_name = ‘county_name’

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I answered to a pretty similar question, let me know if it helps you: