Looking for an example to follow of deploying a dash celery/redis app to heroku?


I am currently experiencing a bottleneck as my dash application callbacks often take >30 seconds, so, based on the dash documentation, i am looking to move my application to use redis/celery for my deployment to heroku.

i have modified my code and it now works locally with celery/redis, and i would now like to start to deploy it to heroku and see if it will work for serving my longer requests.

as an equivalent example of what i have locally:
Long Callbacks | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly ← this example is equivalent to my application.

in order to get my process working locally i run celery -A app.celery_app worker --loglevel=INFO and my app works locally, processing long callbacks with redis/celery.

now i am wondering, does anyone have an example to follow for deploying a dash app with celery/redis to heroku? i already have my pre-celery/redis app deployed to heroku, so i am just trying to figure out if anything new is needed when i deploy the same app with celery/redis introduced to heroku.


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