Looking for advice on folder structure - where to read in raw data

I’ve been working with the following folder structure

- project_folder
  |-- data
  |---- data.py
  |-- charts
  |---- charts.py
  |-- components
  |---- components.py
  1. data.py: transforms raw data into aggregated views to feed into go.Figure objects
  2. charts.py: calls functions from data.py and creates go.Figure objects
  3. components.py: transforms go.Figure objects into dcc.Graph objects, ready to insert into layout

I’ve always wondered when would be the best time to load in the raw data, at the initial step or in the main app.py file?

If I read it in app.py, the server will take longer to start up, so I’m guessing it should be done at the raw data stage?

Hello, I’ve loved a Python dash project that inspired me for my work dashboards: GitHub - ncov19-us/front-end: Coronavirus COVID19 US Cases Dashboard

Thank you for sharing the reference! Appreciate it - will check it out.

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