Log Scale Issue in Dash 1.0.0

I’ve encountered an issue during a callback that seems to be caused by the log scale setting of the one of the axes.
The callback is triggered when the underlying data of a different plot is filtered and the resulting output is a Bar plot with either a log or linear scale.
When the linear scale radio button is enabled, everything works fine.
When the log scale is enabled, the app lags for a few seconds and then one of the bar plots becomes frozen and is no longer updated when it should be.
To make matters more complicated, there is no error message and it only occurs for one specific subset of data (all of the other filtering options work).
I have looked at the data, it’s all valid and there are only 6 data points. The same data works fine on the linear scale. This app also worked prior to upgrading to dahs 1.0.0

If anyone has see anything like this or can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!