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Live streaming data in a table or dataframe

In addition to graphing, is there any way to create a live updating table with data using Python in Plotly? Where can I find the documentation for this?

Any help will be appreciated.

(1) You can create tables in Python following this tutorial:

(2) You can overwrite existing plots by following this tutorial:

Create a Python script that combines (1) and (2), then run it using a task scheduler like cron jobs or Windows Task Manager. You could, for example, run this script once every 30 seconds.

(Please tag this issue as Python instead of Plotly 2, thanks!)

Hi Jack,

Thank you very much for the answer.
The link that you provided does show how to stream data in a table in plotly. It gives " error 404. Plot Twist. Nothing is there".

Looking forward to hearing back from you

Here’s the correct link for the Python tables doc: