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Linking with Nodejs

Is it possible to render the python-dash .py file into node.js?
I have successfully made an dash script but now i want to render it into my app.js(node file)

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Did you got any answer for this?

yes, you have the same issue?

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Yes . Can you put on the solution here!

Sunil Kumar
Ph : 9738045205

Basically, you will need to call your Dash .py file into the node/express that can be done using

  1. Host your dash (can be done locally) + run it through terminal
  2. pass the localhost:— /or your hosted server into iframe tag (in html/ejs) which is controlled by node app.js
  3. now run your app.js (node app.js)
    the node app will contain your dash .py file. within it


This should work! If not feel free to contact me

Thank you very much. I will try this. When it comes to security, anyone can see our dashboard when the page is been inspected (from the link provided in src of iframe) right?

what to do if dashboard has to be secured also?

when it comes to security you should know that using dev tools anyone could see you code! but not all if it!
It depend on the developer, how much security he is adding to his code in your case you can add .env file to your project folder (in your node.js project folder )
this .env file will be hidden and cannot be inspected. so just take out sensitive data from your code and store it as environment variable(.env)
then just use them as env.process.your_var_name