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Link Camera of multiple 3D dash_vtk Views

Hello there,

I got the following Problem:
I have 2 vtk-datasets (UnstructuredGrids) that I want to show side-by-side in a Dashboard.
My current approach is to create two separate dash_vtk.Views and put them into two dirrefent dbc.Col elements in my Layout.

Now I want the two Views to alway show the same angle, zoom and camera position, so that I am able to compare what I am seeing. When using Paraview, this can be achieved by linking the cameras of the views, however, I was not able to find anything like this in dash_vtk.

I already looked up some of the Threads about 3D View synchronization, but they only work for plots with graph_objects.

What I already tried is to do a Live-Update of the cameraPosition and cameraViewUp, but these properties do not change when rotating or zooming the view.

Can anyone help me with this? Maybe my basic approach is wrong and there is a better way to show two Views side-by-side.