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Line chart with one column

I have the following data:
var trace1 = {
type: “scatter”,
mode: “lines”,
name: ‘AAPL High’,
x: unpack(rows, ‘Date’),
y: unpack(rows, ‘AAPL.High’),
line: { color: ‘#17BECF’ }
var trace2 = {
type: “scatter”,
mode: “lines”,
name: ‘AAPL Low’,
x: unpack(rows, ‘Date’),
y: unpack(rows, ‘AAPL.Low’),
line: { color: ‘#7F7F7F’ }
var trace3 = {
x: [‘2016-01-03’],
y: [100],
name: ‘TEST’,
type: ‘bar’
var data = [trace1, trace2, trace3];

I am expecting to see to lines and one column somewhere in the middle. That’s not happening. what would I need to change?



it looks like the data for the bar won’t be recognized to be time based.
In “R” I would need to define the date like this:

x = as.Date("2016-01-03", format="%Y-%m-%d")

Best regards,

I am not sure how I would adapt it to my case. I also check how dates look like for lines. The same as I m showing it for the bar.