Line break in Slider mark labels

Hello, first of all, congratulations for the awesome library!

My question has to do with a dcc.Slider object in which I want to put dates as labels. I can do this with no problem, but as I have many labels and several years, I’d like to create a slider with the following style (not in scale of course, but hopefully you get the idea):

As the Slider component does not seem to have an option to add a secondary label or something like that afaik, I thought about using line breaks in the labels in which I want to add the year. To do so, I have tried inserting in the string ‘\n’ or the br tag, and other things combinations with no success (everything is literally printed as the label).

So, my question basically is:

Has anybody been able to place break lines in mark labels of a dcc.Slider component?

Of course, if there is a good way to use datetime objects as marks with this kind of formatting please let me know.

Thanks in advance.