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Layered plots not working Since Friday

Since last Friday I have been unable to create a layered plot on any grid of data. Here is the grid I am currently working on and this is what I am looking to create again ( I can not recreate this graphic either as it used layered plots)

I can create both a line and scatter plot independently (into unique plots) but when I click to “make into tab 2” or the tab I have open at the time, The saving yellow box shows up, goes away, and no new plot is created.

Tested this with other grids as well, including a grid that was used to create a multi layered plot on Thursday.

This happened with all types of desired plots as well, scatter, bar, histogram, area, no layered plot will show up.

Tested in on 2 browsers with the same results.

Hello there!

We just pushed up a fix for this issue, and you should be able to make layered plots again! I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please do not hesitate to reply here if it does not work for you.


It is working again!!! Thank you sooooo very much :slight_smile: