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Kill process in dash

I have a dash app, and i start it in windows command line like python dash.py --port 8060. The user start dash like: serverName:8060. After the users clicks the run button, the dash will get the user’s input, generate a command (command = “python secondPythoncode.py --inputs”), and then using os.system(command) to run the job. Dash will be waiting for the os.system() to finish, this will take some time.

Here are my two questions:

  1. when the user start a second serverName:8060, it has to wait the first one to finish, is there a way to run multiple dash the same time?
  2. Sometime the user want to kill the run instead of waiting it to finish, is it possible to build a button/page in dash to track the running process and kill them if needed?

thanks very much