Keeping Y-axis labels but removing numbers/units

I currently have the following plot:

The y-values themselves do not matter for this use case. I am trying to find a way to keep the label Signal while removing the units/values. I found visible: false but this removes the numbers as well as the label. Thank you for reading!

Here is the code:

    return (
                x: spectrumData.x,
                y: spectrumData.y,
                type: "scatter",
                marker: { color: "#f50057" },
              title: "Processed Spectrum",
              font: { family: "Roboto", color: "#000" },
              xaxis: {
                range: [params.minWave, params.maxWave],
                title: { text: "Wavenumber (cmโปยน)" },
                rangeslider: {
                  autorange: true,
                  yaxis: { rangemode: "auto" },
                type: "linear",
              yaxis: {
                autorange: true,
                title: {
                  text: "Signal",
                type: "linear",
                fixedrange: false,

Hi @austinjones, you are searching for showticklabels. I am aware that you are using js, but its technically the same.

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