Keep container size during plot update / reload with dcc.Loading object

So, I’m developing a dashboard for user data that later on will be used by marketing people in the office. I want to make it as much user friendly and intuitive as possible, so I added a reload thingy for when the charts are updating.

The problem is that right now, when the reload thingy appears, the Div container shrinks to fit its small size. I would love for the container to keep the original size it came in (the one of the plot essentially), even when the plot is not visible while reloading.

I know I can manually set the height and width in pixels for each container, and for the height it’s fine, but for width I would like them to be responsive to accommodate to different resolutions / viewports.

How can I do that?

Pics attached for reference (now the 2 plots are one above the other, but later they will be side by side, hence the question)