Javascript execution terminated plotting large datasets (>4000+ datapoints)

Dear Plotly Community,

I am calling plotly.js from JavaFX using a webEngine. Works great and the plots look phenomenal. Plotly is truly amazing!

However, for large datasets (>4000 datapoints, y values are doubles, x values are date/time strings), I obtain the following javascript error:

netscape.javascript.JSException: JavaScript execution terminated
at com.sun.webkit.dom.JSObject.fwkMakerException (

And the plot no longer appears. If I replace the x values with integers or remove the x values entirely, the plot works fine. The issue seems to be related to the fact that the x values are string.

I considered a possibility that this might be a timeout issue on the JavaScript side. The call to Plotly.newPlot(‘myDiv’,data) indeed takes approximately 10 seconds. Consequently, I did experiment with using the setTimeout():

window.setTimeout(function () {
Plotly.newPlot(‘myDiv’, data)
}, 0);

and replacing the 0 argument with other integers (1, 4, 500, 10000). This did not help unfortunately.

Is anyone familiar with this error perhaps? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,