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Issue saving new graphs and deleting old ones

I can no longer save new graphs. I click save and it tells me it has to be public which is fine, and then the yellow banner disappears as though it’s saved, but going to organiser suggests that it hasnt saved. I also can’t delete and grids or graphs permanently which does give an error box:
"This action would destroy a plot’s grid reference. Plot inkychris:94 in folder inkychris:-1 prevents action on auto grid inkychris:207."
I’ve had plotly since before it became subscription based and I had a number of private grids and graphs prior to being limited on how many you could have with the free account. I’m wondering if perhaps my account has been corrupted in some way?

I have tried this in both Chrome and Safari with identical results. Running OS X Yosemite if that helps at all.


Having tested a few things, it appears the issue was with entering a title more than 100 characters long on the graph, before said graph had been saved to the cloud. As a result it would not save the graph with that file name but gave no indication that there was an issue. Of course once saved as something below 100 characters for the file name, the graph title can be changed to something longer than 100 characters.

Perhaps a prompt to name the file something different to the graph title could be added, at least for graphs trying to be saved for the first time, with titles longer than 100 characters, thanks.

As a side note, having read the delete forever error properly, this was not actually an issue!

Hey inkychris,

Thanks for the bug report! I definitely agree that there should be an indication of maximum title length, as well as better feedback around failures when saving plots. (Better error feedback in general is very high on our to do list.)

The “auto grid” failure message is another example of error feedback that could use some attention. This is a fairly new safeguard that prevents the permanent deletion of a grid when one or more plots depend on it. We’ll be making this more user friendly as we go.

Thank you for the super detailed bug report and the helpful suggestion. We really appreciate it!
– Sara