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Is there a way to avoid symbol truncation at axes in ternary and other plot types?

I have scoured the documentation but have been unable to find a way to prevent symbols from being truncated by axis boundaries. While you can avoid the problem by extending the boundaries beyond what you would normally use (to slightly below zero for instance) for the ‘scatter’ plot type, this is not a possibility with the ‘scatterternary’ type, at least for cases where points lie on an axis or apex.

To see the impact of the symbol truncation consider the plot below left where points at the apices are almost invisible and those in the middle of the axes also are quite small. This display is problematic because the center point has much greater visual heft compared to the remaining points, particularly compared to those on the apices. The preferred plotting approach is depicted on the right where each point has an equal visual weight irrespective of its position on the plot.

Does anyone know how to set things up to see a display similar to the one on the right?

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide and my apologies if it should have been obvious how to accomplish what I’m after (I’m still very deep into the Plotly learning curve!).

I don’t believe this is possible, but thank you for the excellent write up.
I would suggest creating an issue in Plotly.js if one does not already exist for this:

Thanks for the suggestion. Here’s a link to the issue that I created: